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UN calls on Khalifis to free HRDs, On Saudis not to execute two Bahrainis

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on Bahraini authorities to release human rights defenders Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, Abduljalil Al-Singace and Naji Fateel, all imprisoned for their human rights work. It is the second UN treaty body to raise their case insisting that they be freed.

An audio message from behind the bars has called for serious intervention to save native Bahraini political prisoners from the khalifi cruelty and violence. Ahmad Jaffar has urged human rights bodies to exercise more pressure to help the persecuted natives describing the conditions of the jail as extremely dire. Another political prisoner has been infected with Tuberculosis (TB) and was released from his torture cell to face a bleak future. Murtada Mohammad was systematically denied proper medical treatment until his condition worsened. He was eventually released to join the community of TB sufferers whose numbers are increasing.

A young Bahraini native has been arrested after being summoned for interrogation, Sayed Sadiq Sayed Haidar committed no offence punishable by law. Another man has been summoned for interrogation. Munir Mushaima, brother of unlawfully executed man, Sami Mushaima  from Sanabis town has been contacted by the torturers and asked to “visit” them for interrogation.

The criminal deception of the khalifis has been exposed this week. When the native political prisoners complained of being denied the right to exercise their religious rituals they were allowed to hang few black banners about Imam Hussain. Then the regime’s human rights GANGO was dispatched to report about the “wonderful” rights of the political prisoners. No sooner had the GANGO left than did the prison officers remove those banners. Many prisoners were denied their rights and were punished for observing some rituals.

The mother of prisoner of conscience, Sadiq Marhoon has confirmed that her son who is serving a life sentence had suffered nervous breakdown in addition to other ailments.

The regime escalated its persecution of the majority population in the past two weeks. Many heads of congregation halls, lamenters and orators were summoned to receive threats and intimidation. To make the situation worse, the khalifis expelled Shia lamenters who had come to Bahrain to share the experience with the natives. It was one of the most outrageous moves by the khalifi occupiers. Several Kuwaiti and Saudi guests were shamefully ordered to leave the country within 24 hours of their arrival. Among them was Mohammad Al Hujairat, a well-known lamenter. The religious persecution includes banning natives from visiting sacred shrines in Iraq and Iran. This week several families were prevented from making the journey.

The United Nations has warned Saudi Arabia for the second time in six months that enforcing the death penalty on two Bahraini men who were tortured and forced to make confessions could constitute arbitrary execution. In a June letter sent to Saudi Arabian authorities, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions said the kingdom should halt “any possible steps towards the execution” of Jaafar Mohammad Sultan and Sadeq Majeed Thamer, who were convicted of terrorism-related charges which rights groups say were trumped up. Instead, Saudi authorities should fully investigate allegations that the men, who are both Shia, were tortured “to ensure that they are re-tried in conformity with international law and standards”, says the letter, which was only made public this week.

A young man has been forcibly disappeared for three months. Abdullah Al-Daribi has not been heard of since May 2022, after he was summoned to the Presidency of State Security office in Riyadh for unknown reasons. Saudi Appeal court has raised the unlawful prison sentence on Sheikh Ibrahim Al Nasser to 15 years.

Bahrain Freedom Movement

10th August 2022

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