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This site contains the activities of the Bahrain Freedom Movement (BFM) that had come into existence in the early part of the eighties. Its main objectives include the promotion of the notions of freedom, justice, the rule of law, and the protection of human rights. BFM came to existence at a time when the region was undergoing serious political re-alignment following the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in February 1979. Since then, has BFM started to publish regular statements, publications, and books. It raised the motto of human rights in addition to its political project that aims at achieving democratic transformation in Bahrain to replace the antiquated system based on hereditary dictatorship. It moved in tune with other regional and international movements searching for freedom and dignity. The movement has engaged in a peaceful struggle for four decades; its members were often persecuted and jailed. It insisted on providing a voice to the voiceless and sought to serve the truth with accurate news and information. It will endeavor to furnish human and political rights bodies with information about the predicament of the Bahraini people. 

The BFM is part of the global political rights movement, with positive aims to achieve civilizational and revolutionary change. It organizes political and intellectual seminars and participates in international conventions concerned with democratic transformation in the Arab world. It succeeded in building bridges with human rights bodies since the eighties. It also forged links with scientific and academic bodies and people, especially in the West. Western parliaments saw relentless activities including press conferences and seminars as well as face-to-face meetings with parliamentarians. The aim is to urge them to shoulder their human and moral responsibilities towards the oppressed people of the world especially Bahrainis. Since 1922 the country has been engaged in a relentless struggle to achieve civility and rights and rid itself of the antiquated hereditary dictatorship.  

The BFM will continue its national and human duties, motivated by the feeling of responsibility and attachment to the human family across the political and religious divides. It believes in the establishment of a political structure based on “One-man-one-vote” principle and to help alleviate the suffering of the prisoners of conscience wherever they are. The BFM has also worked to enhance the role of women in the political process. Bahraini women were detained, tortured, and martyred as they marched in the streets for freedom. This site will take the visitor to the world of struggle at its most intensive and provide him/her with rich experiences in the field of sacrifice and selflessness. Despite its small size, Bahrain has rich experiments in peaceful struggle and civil disobedience. Its people have remained united in their struggle despite the regime’s policy of divide and rule, the use of sectarianism as a weapon against the struggle, and compromising the sovereignty of the land to secure its own survival. This page contains archival material and sources that make it a rich source for researchers, activists, and truth seekers. Have a good time.

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