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Bahrainis condemn Israeli massacre in Rafah and mark Saudi beheading of two Bahrain

Bahrainis have reacted with extreme anger at the Israeli criminal attack on Rafah, the killing of innocent men, women and children and the refusal of the regime in Bahrain to severe its links with the Zionist killers. Protests were held in various places with strong slogans against the Israeli inhumane butchery of the Palestinians. A massive protest marching towards the American Embassy was harshly repressed by regime’s forces which used large amounts of chemical and tear gases, causing several injuries. Many protesters were detained, interrogated and abused before they were released pending further persecution.
Bahrain’s most senior religious scholars have issued a statement condemning the Israeli crime against Rafah and its residents. The statement also criticised the supporters of the occupiers and prayed to God to free Palestine and its people from the Zionist vicious killers. The statement was signed by: Sayed Abdullah Al Ghuraifi, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al Rabi’ei, Sheikh Mohammed Sanqoor, Sheikh Mahmood Al Aali and Sheikh Ali Al Sadadi.
Meanwhile the regime has banned a memorial service for the religious scholars who had supported Palestine. It was due to be held tonight at Sanabis Matam (religious congregation hall). Regime’s security department summoned of the head of the place, asked him to stop the event and warned him of severe consequences if he did not obey their orders.
Scores of the recently released political prisoners have held a protest at the Ministry of Housing to demand housing and housing allowances for the previous years. Some of them have been summoned to appear at Al Hoora police station. Many of these prisoners are forced to live with their parents mostly in overcrowded homes. Poverty is widespread among the natives who see the country’s wealth plundered by the khalifi regime. Despite their predicament, they visited the families of the two martyrs beheaded by the Saudis last year to express their support.
On Monday 27th May Bahraini regime’s courts adjourned for the second time, its verdict on two political prisoners, Amjad Sanad and Mohammed Al Nabool. Mr Sanad, 24 and Mohammed Ali Al Nabool, 24 (both from Sitra) were detained at Hala Plaza café at Al Suqayya district. Their homes were raided and searched. They are considered prisoners of conscience, detained for expressing anti-regime views.
On 25th May a group of recently released political prisoners visited the graves of the martyrs who were killed by regime’s forces that attacked the home of Sheikh Isa Qassim. The attacks which took place in May 2017 left six young people dead and no investigation was held to establish the facts surrounding the military attack on the native Bahrainis.
On Monday 28th May, the khalifi regime of Bahrain ordered a three-month prison sentence on five native Bahrainis and a fine of 500 Bahrain Dinars (about $1300) each for taking parts in anti-regime protests. The five: Muslim Aqeel Hubail, Muntadar Bassel Al Menjal, Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Yousuf Al Tamer and Bassem Mohammed Al Halal. The last two are already serving a similar sentence.
Human rights activists have condemned two actors who visited Saudi Arabia without showing any concern for those persecuted by the Saudi regime. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence stopped in Saudi Arabia as part of their world tour promoting “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” It was the first red carpet premiere for a Hollywood studio film in the country. Maryam Al Khawaja wrote: “Damn #WillSmith and #MartinLawrence, how much did it cost to sell yourselves to #Saudi? Today marks the birthday of two of many prisoners of conscience in Saudi’s prisons, in case you cared..” Saudi activists were also furious.
Yesterday was the 30th birthday of Saudi woman activists Manahel al-Otaibi, and the 41st birthday of Abdulrahman al-Sadhan. Both are serving long prison terms simply for exercising their right to freedom of expression. Seven years ago, Saudi human rights defender Mohammed al-Otaibi was arrested in Qatar whilst on his way to Norway, where he had been accepted for political asylum. He was extradited to Saudi Arabia, where he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his activism, later increased to 17 years.
Saudi human rights defender Mohammed al-Bejadi was arrested six years ago, and remains detained without charge. He has been arrested many times for his activism, and memorably declared: “I don’t have a family member in detention… but all prisoners of conscience are my family.” Also, yesterday marks three years since the arrest of Saudi women’s rights activist Najwa al-Humaid due to her peaceful activity on  twitter. Al-Humaid’s arrest occurred amid a crackdown against young activists and bloggers by Saudi Arabia’s authorities in May and June 2021. Activists are calling on Saudi authorities to free them all.
Today is the first anniversary of a heinous crime committed by the Saudi regime. On 29th Mary 2023, two young Bahrainis were beheaded by that hated regime on trumped up charges. Sadeq Thamer and Jaffar Sultan were detained on 8th May 2015 for allegedly possessing firearms. They were convicted on the basis of false confessions extracted under extreme forms of torture. Despite international calls to spare their lives, the two were executed on 29th May 2023. In the past two days, Bahrainis remembered them widely on social media. Visitors to their families expressed solidarity and support. Prayers were made for the annhiliation of the Saudi and khalifi regimes of torture and beheadings.
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29th May 2024
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