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Zafarat (Arabic)

The uprising of 2015 at Jau prison as told by inmates

Compilation by: Nader Al Matook | 

Zafart is an open letter to the victims of the events at Jau prison in 2015 to the world. It is not intended to seek pity from others but to tell of what had actually happened. What had happened was a crime compatible with the nature of the regime. In this crime, there is no need to look for perpetrators who may have overreacted or to look for partial faults. It is also not the time to classify the prisoners in accordance to their political, sectarian, age group or ideological considerations as if they were in a situation where they were freed to choose. It was a crime embedded in the prison management and those in charge of them. The testimonies of the inmates in this book re-directed the compass in the right direction and presented an accurate narrative of the crime. It also shed light on the honourable crowns of the prisoners, their truthful nature, steadfastness and vision.

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